SMS Marketing: Smarter And Faster Marketing For Your Brand

There’s no denying that the introduction of email has changed the way we approach the world and especially marketing, that doesn’t mean prior alternatives are suddenly irrelevant. The best marketing campaigns make sure to integrate all possible channels to reach a wide audience, and there are still more ways to engage in personalized marketing beyond emails.

Phones are at the center of our society now. Phones provide much more services now than before, and as a result, people spend more time on them. Which is great news for SMS marketing. With such a wide audience already on their phone, the potential reach of SMS campaigns is undeniable, but the truth is that SMS offers more than just a wide audience.

Users engage with SMS faster

When it comes to actual engagement SMS is mostly unbeatable. SMS marketing has a clear advantage over other channels, and that is the fact that people are always on their phones. Regardless of what your brand or business focuses on your clients will use a phone and likely spend a lot of time on it, so they will notice their SMS at a faster pace than marketing campaigns in other channels.

This is then further supported by the fact that SMS is still largely an independent channel on phones. Users can easily avoid browsing their email on their phone by silencing those notifications, or they might receive so many emails that distinguishing one amongst them all will be harder. On the other hand, SMS has a dedicated app, is always on, and is far more personal. Users receive fewer SMS texts than they do emails, and as such, they are more likely to read the ones that they do get.

This means that SMS is a great way to promote time-sensitive information like a flash sale or a restaurant opening SMS; where other forms of marketing might miss the timing due to reduced user engagement.

SMS can easily integrate with other campaigns

The best part about SMS marketing is that now it can be seamlessly integrated into larger marketing campaigns. SMS might be a medium that only works on phones, but nowadays phones can do just about anything. This means that SMS marketing can be used to not only deliver info but also web addresses and app links. An SMS can be used to grab the attention of the user and then redirect them to a new website you want them to register to, or redirect them to your app to provide further info. As a business, all you need to do is add a link, and you’ll be able to double traffic and redirect interest in a matter of seconds.