Reasons why you would need an endodontic service

Oral hygiene is one of the keys to good overall health. However, you can follow a strict dental hygiene routine and still suffer from cavities and tooth fractures. You may be careful about the health of your teeth but there are details you can’t control and then you have serious problems. If that is your case, you need to resort to endodontics treatment. This procedure consists of extracting the deep part of the injured tooth to clean it deeply and fill it with inert material. The goal is to keep the tooth healthy so that it can continue chewing and not have to be removed permanently.

Endodontics, an effective treatment

If you have an injured tooth due to a fracture or a deep cavity, endodontic treatment is the most indicated for you. Endodontics consists of removing the nerve of the tooth, cleaning the root canal and finally sealing it with a filling material such as cement or thermoplastic material. This technique is painless because it is performed under local anesthesia. Once the surgery has been performed, an X-ray is taken to check that everything went well. Endodontics is usually performed in a single session, but sometimes more sessions are needed.

Treatment that can’t wait

If you have a deep cavity or a fractured tooth you should undergo endodotic treatment as soon as possible for your own good. If you don’t, you will continue to suffer from toothache, various infections and even your daily activities can be negatively affected. Toothache makes your quality of life more expensive because you feel bad and even miss work. Keep in mind that if you do not heal that deep cavity or dental fracture you could suffer serious problems such as tooth loss, ostemelitis, Ludwig’s angina, facial cellulitis or the spread of infection in the blood.


Root canal treatment is the best solution for a deep cavity or an injured tooth which causes you unbearable pain. In this situation you should quickly undergo a root canal treatment to restore the health of your tooth. If you do not do so, you are not only harming your oral health, but also your quality of life and your overall health. Visit to find the best professionals for your oral health.